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We are growing to keep pace with the growth of business development in Business Services & Technology Solution industry. If you aspire for a global career in a world-class environment, then IBSCS is the place to be. IBSCS acquires, develops and retains the best talent in the industry. It is truly the employer of choice. The IBSCS has set new standards and trends in the business-process services industry that has led to a major change in the way companies operate and outsource their work across the world. The IBSCS attracts employees from diverse cultural backgrounds. If you are talented with wide software and services experience, you may be just the right person for us. As a member of our team, you would have a splendid opportunity of growing and realizing your full potential. You will receive from IBSCS generous compensation and work benefits. With us, you will have the opportunity of learning and working in diverse areas of information technology like core R & D systems engineering and many other varied fields. We will provide you with ample opportunities for regular or fast track growth, just like other members of our talented team. With us, you can work creatively. At the same time, you can learn from your work experience. You can also learn from your interactions with other members of our talented team. The IBSCS gives its employees opportunities to branch out in new fields apart from their field of experience. In such a congenial work environment, learning becomes both a pleasure and a way of personal growth.

Professional training has the purpose of enhancing the trainee?s career prospects. Our programmes are geared to that end. In particular, ERP professionals find good openings as application Programmers and Developers. Besides, with the recent global popularity of ERP, ERP training has itself because a large industry. There is good global demand for ERP trainers. Similarly, our other training programmes are also oriented to enhance the career prospects of software engineers and other professional. Even those already employed will find the appropriate training capsule of our organization a valuable resource for enhancing their career within their organization or in other organizations.

                                       Send CV to : hr@ibscs.in

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